RMJ Benefits Group, LLC is independent and we offer the right expertise, commitment to wellness and customer service to provide you and your family an affordable dental plan that meets your dental health needs.


Why Get Dental Insurance?

Poor oral health can cause pain, embarrassment and even affect the rest of your body. A quality dental plan helps you take charge of your oral health.

Why should I consider buying an individual dental plan for me and/or my family?

You can actually buy an affordable dental plan for you or your family even if your employer doesn’t offer dental insurance. Here’s why you might want buy your own dental insurance:

Reduced out-of-pocket costs:

  • Proper preventive dental services help you avoid costly corrective dental procedures. Why? Because dental issues are easier to fix when they’re caught early. Plus, oral health is linked to your overall health, so dental coverage could reduce your future medical costs.

Peace of mind:

  • Dental insurance helps you to plan for both expected and unexpected dental care expenses. A good dental plan should help you cover costs for preventive care, as well as major services that may be unexpected.

Large, national dentist network:

  • Our large network of dentists is carefully screened for quality. And, our network of dentists saves you money because each dentist agrees to a negotiated amount as payment in full for covered services, and can’t charge you any more than that. Non-network dentists can charge you for the difference between negotiated fees and their standard fees.

Group dental plans vs. individual dental plans

  • Group dental insurance is usually employer-paid. Rates are generally lower for group plans because the risk is shared across many insured employees. Often an employer contributes a portion of the cost to keep their employees’ out-of-pocket expenses low.

Individual dental insurance

Typically more expensive because there is no risk-sharing among a group of people (like in an employer dental plan). But individual dental plans are more flexible than group plans, because they let you choose the coverage that best fits your needs.

  • Self-employed: Freelancers, contractors or entrepreneurs
  • Retirees: People who’ve left company health benefits behind
  • College students: When getting on a parent’s dental plan isn’t an option, an individual dental insurance plan can fill the gap.

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